Chapter 1.2

As he tried to say that today wasn’t a good day, a wild Yoyo suddenly jumped out of the bush nearby, vigorously clucked and raced down the slope, straight towards the beastman. – Ah-, Hey! No, don’t go there! Jill immediately went after it and half-panicking, jumped to catch the chicken.  – Come on, don’tLire la suite « Chapter 1.2 »

Chapter 1.1

Encounter Picking herbs in the kitchen field at the back of the manor was one of Jill’s favorite tasks.  Peppermint and chamomile. Dill, basil, rosemary, parsley, fennel. It was so satisfying to enjoy the herbs’ pleasant fragrance, and watch the small insects wander over the land. While he was collecting in a basket, all theLire la suite « Chapter 1.1 »


Little bird. The first time he saw the little shining golden bird, his heart fluttered violently in his chest. Its cute, round eyes. Its head leaning and tilting, its tiny body flitting without rest. From the inside of the cage, he could hear pitiful twitters flying around sweetly, the small bard hardly warm to theLire la suite « Prologue »

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