Chapter 1.2

As he tried to say that today wasn’t a good day, a wild Yoyo suddenly jumped out of the bush nearby, vigorously clucked and raced down the slope, straight towards the beastman.

– Ah-, Hey! No, don’t go there!

Jill immediately went after it and half-panicking, jumped to catch the chicken. 

– Come on, don’t struggle! Stop it and be still!

As he stood up, holding the fluttering hostage firmly in his arms, the beatman laughed aloud.

– I see, I thought you were an odd one but you were actually chasing after the chicken. You had a really hard time.

– …not really.

– Is that so? But this bird seems to desert often.

– Why?

Jill looked at him, surprised. How did he know? Even while being at the same height, the wolf’s stature made JIll raise his head to look up at him. Pointy ears and sharp eyes, the same eyes that surprisingly seemed to soften.

– It successfully fled through that bush and you’re used to it since you followed. 

The beastman approached in a few steps then reached out. Jill instinctively drew his head back.

– Excuse me. This was in your hair.

Apologizing gently, he presented, delicately clasped between his fingers, the tuft of genisteae flowers he picked up. 

The yellow petals were fluttering down reviving in front of the young man, the image of the little bird. 

– I would never dare to touch you recklessly.

Jill blushed violently at his soothing tone. Did he notice that he took the trouble to ease and apologize to the likes of an omega? Of course. The choker was in plain sight.

If he noticed it, why is he talking to me so naturally?

The omega slowly walked backwards while holding the chicken. Because of the wolf’s facial expressions, different from human ones, he was unreadable. However, he didn’t look disgusted or mocking. According to his family rules, Jill shouldn’t be talking to him and yet he was reluctant to be impolite in return for his kindness.

Should he run away, or should he say something? After all, apart from Albert, it’s been a long time since he met someone outside of the mansion. As he was standing here hesitating, the beastman said carefree:

– If you are a Muller, you could ask a servant to chase after a chicken, or is it that this bird is important?

Yoyo tilted its head as he looked at its hesitant caretaker, when he finally managed to open his mouth.

– Not really…it’s just food.

He was an omega but he could never explain that, as a punishment, he was doing the same work as a servant. He could never confess that it was actually fun to run after Yoyo. The beastman didn’t seem to mind the rude and distrustful reply. 

– So it’s just food, yet you still chased after it until you were covered in leaves? It wouldn’t really be a problem if only this one has escaped…Aah, but indeed, it looks appetizing. It has a plump body still it’s likely to be fat but firm from all the running around. I wonder if the reason this guy always escapes is because it doesn’t want to be eaten.

With a soft expression, the beastman was staring at Yoyo.

– Rather, shouldn’t we kill it here and now?

Jill raised his eyes to the man’s face, a bit shocked.

Really, he’s an odd personnage.

Is he kind? Cruel? He knew that in front of him was an omega but didn’t act haughtily and instead chatted in a carefree manner…courtesy or not, the answer was unclear. Besides, you don’t normally propose to kill someone off on your first meeting.

– It might indeed be running away because it doesn’t want to turn into dinner, but you’re saying to kill it quickly? No compassion or forgiveness, neither are you pitying it nor want to let it flee.

– Why should I?

The beastman looked confused.

– It’s a broiler chicken, isn’t it? Even if you let it go, it has always been kept, thus why it’s fat and meaty. His flying feathers are cut too, so it can’t fly anymore. No matter how much of a recidivist it is, if it goes out of the garden, it’ll be immediately finished off by wild beasts. Well, if after all, you can’t change its fate as a livestock, isn’t it pitiful to prolong the misery? Then, you should kill it now and do it as painlessly as possible. 

– Painlessly….

He stated cold facts, words that were difficult to hear. But maybe he was right. He was right, and perhaps even more compassionate than Jill. Aware of it, he hugged Yoyo tightly once again.

– Yet, it might survive after running away, right?

Even now, the omega still wanted to believe in that tiny probability, which seemed more like a miracle. Jill knew deep down he wished that Yoyo wouldn’t just stop at the garden but run away into the wild. Realizing it, he bit his lips. Their little play tag wasn’t just for fun, the omega always wondered if the chicken could outrun him and escape somewhere. 

To run away, to survive in the outside world. It was a one in a million chance but now more than ever, he desired to show one can be happier in freedom.

Because…I still want to leave here.

He thought about giving up, clearly accepting his fate, as omegas are nothing but beings akin to birds, moved from a cage to another. However, our little human came to realize that his will wasn’t completely broken. 

– It will be much too late for regrets once the beast attacks, the wolf declared gravely. A man’s hand would give it a fast and clean death.

Cold words and yet, such a gentle voice. His eyes laid upon Yoyo grew softer when he spoke. 

– Then, will you kill me here and now too?

When he had said that, Jill came back to his mind.  The beastman was also taken aback by the sudden question. As the man’s eyes widened in surprise, the omega hung his head, embarrassed. 

– I’m sorry, I said something weird… I’ll go and call the mansion’s people immediately. This road leads to the front gates, please come through the main entrance.

– Are you a son of this house?, he called out to the omega who was about to walk away, I’m Diego, Diego Siegfried.

– Siegfried…!?

Surprised, Jill looked up at him. The visit of a beastman from the Siegfrieds, the most powerful aristocrats in Barnerude, was a first for the venerable Muller family. There wasn’t one who didn’t know of this noble household solely composed of alphas, making their status in the hierarchy even greater. In other words, this man was one too.

– But you are no livestock who had its wings cut. And if you are a bird, you must be the most beautiful and exquisite one, a sublime creature wished by all.

– …no.

As the other man extended his hand for a greeting, Jill retreated. Diego’s words sounded sorry, probably trying to comfort the boy who softly let a complaint pass his lips “will you kill me here?”,  almost a quiet lament. However, being a creature everyone wish for wasn’t freedom.

– I’m not much different from a chicken. If I’m told to sing, I have no choice but to sing, Jill murmured and bowed. I am but a left out, without qualifications to deal with an amazing person such as you. This path will guide you to the mansion, and someone will receive you at the main entrance. Please, wait for them there.

Holding Yoyo tightly, Jill ran up the bevel. Even when the road disappeared to his view, he didn’t slow down, went through the grove, stopped in front of the Scotch broom bush bordering the back field. The abundant yellow flowers shone like gold under the bright sunlight. Uneasy, he remembered their conversation and the beastman’s long fingers removing the flower clusters from his hair.

– —that was because I’m this family’s son. There are people who talk like that to omegas.

Diego’s deep, gentle voice was still ringing in his ears. He was holding Yoyo and its warmth, seemed to transferred to the boy’s chest. A noble asking an omega for a handshake was unusual. The young man was dirty and suspicious to all appearances but the beastman didn’t lose his polite manner. He was, without a doubt, a gentle and sincere person. 

Yet even he made this point clear: if it can not survive outside, it should be killed so as not to suffer. If it is so, Jill had no choice but to die for his true self, who wished to fly while being trapped in a small cage, admired only as an omega, was slowly smothered to death.

DISCLAIMER: I removed some parts of the text (mainly Jill’s inner tormoil stuff), as they were redundant making the flow repetitive and heavy.

Aha! And we end on a sad/bittersweet note. But rejoice for this is not the end of chapter 1! We still have some way to go but I’ll be busy so I wanted to wrap up their conversation before hiding again. ღゝ◡╹)ノ
Surprisingly no love at first sigh, no one struck by the arrow of Cupide or first heat going on. I wonder what will happen when Diego will reach the mansion?!

IMPORTANT: please tell me if you prefer shorter chapters like this or longer ones like chp1.1? It may be tiring to read a big block of text (it’s also tiring to tl lmao). Anyway, let me know in the comments or on discord~

・゜゚・ Love, little caramel ・゜゚・

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