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Garland, Jujin Omegaverse

Yuyu Aoi & Hana Hasumi


Why was I born an omega?

The Mullers thrived by sending omegas to the nobles’ harems. Jill, an omega born into this kind of family, couldn’t accept it as his fate. Since he refused to behave like his fellows, his family soon gave up and resolved to marry him off with the noble alpha beast Albert, Jill’s childhood friend. Although the fate of omegas can not be changed, every day, he told himself how fortunate he was to be promised to the kind and gentle Albert.

However, at that time, a beastman visited the Mullers. Diego, the third son of the Siegfried family, the most prestigious aristocratic household in the country, decided to come and take the Mullers’ maverick into his harem but to his surprise, he ended up facing a reluctant Jill, repulsed by the wolf’s arrogance.


Hi, Little caramel here! I’ve decided to translate this novel.

Unapologetic warning: I’ll probably never be regular in my posts. I’m doing this in my free time, the times when I want to run away from everything, a time only for me. Sue me.

Important notice: I do not own anything except the translation and do not seek any sort of monetary support from the readers. This is a free, crippled with mistakes, fan translation.

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