Little bird.

The first time he saw the little shining golden bird, his heart fluttered violently in his chest. Its cute, round eyes. Its head leaning and tilting, its tiny body flitting without rest. From the inside of the cage, he could hear pitiful twitters flying around sweetly, the small bard hardly warm to the touch.

Not one made out of paper but a real little bird captivated Jill. From that moment on, he swore to his heart that he would watch over it without getting tired. Etiquette, instruments, ballads, origami, rich fabrics, or embroidery. None of the things omegas cherished ever caught his attention but he took a liking to this little life.

He was grateful to Albert, a childhood friend for getting it for him as a present, for even in his room, just by listening to the little bird’s voice, it felt like he was in a forest. His precious, beloved treasure. The pet was so important that he was ready to do anything for it.

That’s why he took it out of its cage.

The cage, which should be large, seemed cramped when the little bird was flapping its wings such that he thought that kid too, surely wanted to fly. If Jill was a bird, he’d want to soar in the wide open sky. He’d cut through the wind riding the bright blue sky and over the never ending deep green forest, he’d glide far, far away. 

Just for a moment, Jill wanted to let the little bird be free, so he opened the cage door and the pet cheerfully jumped out. The happy looking bird was drawing circles near the ceiling.

Until it noticed the sky outside the window and headed straight towards it.

– —!

He didn’t have time to say a word.

The animal crashed against the tightly shut glass with a notably dull sound then fell on the floor. Within Jill’s hands, who rushed to pick it up, the small pet weakly chirped a few times, shivered and before long, stopped moving. Although warm, the lifeless body visibly grew paler. For a long time, Jill was paralysed, the corpse getting cold slowly in his palms.

It’s my fault.

He should’ve known that, if it would’ve seen the blue sky, the little bird would’ve flown straight in that direction. 

Before long, his siblings, concerned, finally came over to see what happened since their brother didn’t show up to dinner and left the servants’ calls unanswered. The elder stared dumbfounded as he saw Jill sitted still in the middle of the room with the little bird wrapped in his hands.

– What a fool you are Jill. Why did you take it out of the cage?

Today, he didn’t have any energy to strike back at his mean elder brother. 

– …I forgot to open the window beforehand. If I had opened it properly, instead of dying, he would’ve been out into the wild.

– You’re saying that again?

The brother sighed.

– Would it really have been better if you had opened the window? Outside it would’ve been attacked and killed by crows and hawks. I’m sorry to say that but it was born only to be admired inside of a cage.

– But it wanted to fly!

Jill glared at his brother, his temper rising.

– I’ve always been watching it, so I know! Every time, it was flapping its wings in the cage, wanting to fly more and more. And that beautiful singing voice is to talk with its friends in the forest, right? All this time, I pitied it for being trapped in a place like that.

– …why do you only say selfish things?, his elder coldly threw these words out with a distorted face. Just because you didn’t like it, you selfishly decided that it didn’t like to be loved with such care. You didn’t do it because you wanted to set the bird free. You did it because you can’t get out of here, didn’t you?

– No! It’s not true!

– It’s true, it was for your own satisfaction. You don’t like having lessons, you don’t like staying at home and you only embarrass mother with your thoughtless words.

– …

– We are omegas, he continued, boastful. We are special beings blessed by nature since our birth. Doesn’t mother always repeat that? And yet, why do you want to discard this happiness and go outside in a world filled with nothing but hardships?

– That’s…

– The same goes for the little bird.

With a hateful look, his brother looked down on Jill. Even his younger brothers behind, gave him disdainful and scornful glances.

– It wasn’t born in the forest. People raised it to be cared for as a pet, if it isn’t kept carefully, it cannot live. To be cherished by humans is its happiness. But because you arbitrarily tried to let it escape, it died in vain. If it was still preciously locked up in the cage, tomorrow and next year too, the little bird would’ve keep on singing its lovely melody.

Jill stared at the dead body left rigid in his hands. He couldn’t bring himself to consent to his brother’s words but now he couldn’t object either. Jill loved the little bird. That’s why he wanted to let it go outside. The truth is that his brother was right: whether people or birds, they should be able to live anywhere.

However, the little bird already died.

…the little bird and I are the same.

Since he was an omega, Jill wasn’t allowed to go outside. Omegas are birds trapped in a cage. Forbidden to go outside as if it was the same as being loved. Even if he could force his way out, there was no place for him.

Jill was nothing but a flightless bird.

Bittersweet note isn’t it? Poor Jill… ( >﹏<。)

Disclaimer: This is my own translation of the prologue. I am well aware that a BL group did it before me (last update 05/20/20) and do not want any conflits. Pls check out their website here!

There’s no snipe, the novel or the illustrations belongs to neither of us.
So, enjoy both!

・゜゚・ Love, little caramel ・゜゚・

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